Choose Connection

Strong connections to people, place, pets, and nature are some of our most fundamental needs as humans. These connections are crucial for navigating the sometimes challenging and emotionally turbulent experiences both teens and parents face.

We can create connections by seeking and understanding our passions. When we ask ourselves what truly makes us happy, we build stronger connections with ourselves and our place in the world. These connections help us stay present and resilient and make us less likely to engage in risky behavior like drinking alcohol.
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Summer in Alaska is my favorite and I try to spend every moment I can outside. My favorite thing is going fishing with my family. It makes me feel connected to them.

Javi, Southeast Alaska

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I don’t think alcohol is necessary to feeling better or connected. When I feel angry about something, I go to the gym. Basketball makes me feel stronger and more clear-headed.

Joseph, Interior Alaska

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Moving to Alaska has been a huge change for me and my family. Journaling helps me through bumps and challenges. Writing out my feelings has helped me process all the changes in my life.

Sarah, Southwest Alaska

The strength of our connections directly impacts our ability to face the ups and downs of life. The stronger these connections we create, the more grounded we are in ourselves. The more grounded we are, the less we are likely to turn to numbing our senses.
When we embrace the power of our connections, we can build a solid foundation for our lives.
Parents play a vital role in fostering connections for their teens. It’s important to provide safe spaces for open communication where teens can build good connections and healthy habits. Sharing about your experiences can inspire and encourage your teen to open up and find their own unique way to connect to the world. Together we can empower ourselves and the next generations to live more fulfilling lives.

Share How You Feel Connected

What helps you feel a connection with yourself, your community, your family or friends, or the world? How do you stay connected? Your story of choosing connection may help someone else who is struggling to feel connected.

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If you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1. If you need help finding a behavioral health provider, visit ANTHC Behavioral Health,, or NAMI Alaska. To get help finding a behavioral health specialist, call 1-800-662-4357. If you are in crisis, grieving, concerned about someone, or feeling down, please contact the Alaska Careline at 9-8-8.

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