Our vision of community wellness

Community Wellness means to us that people are able to experience overall well-being, and have the skills, tools, and resources to work through past and present trauma. In a well community, we are connected and able to contribute. Everyone’s values and traditions are honored and recognized. We make an effort to grow, learn, take care of ourselves, and take care of each other.

Every Alaskan community is prosperous and safe for all. We care for our lands and waters like we care for our people. We are resilient, healing, and free to choose. All community members are supported and resourced to address their individual, family, and community needs.

All regions come together in support of one another to share our many successes, innovations of change, abundant resources, stories of adversity, challenges we’ve overcome, and hope. This is The Alliance’s vision of community wellness for all Alaskans.

Our Grounding Statement

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