What We Do

The Alliance is a system-shifting network of multiple and diverse partners across Alaska who recognize the impacts of alcohol misuse on individuals and communities. We are personally and professionally committed to working together to address this complex problem in our state. A system-shifting network is defined as a network of people who are focused on transforming systems so that they work for everyone. 

Our mission is to engage people and communities as partners, to promote individual and community wellness, and to prevent excessive alcohol use and harms in Alaska.

Common Agenda

Three Strategies

The Alliance has adopted three strategic goals that are adaptive to the changing needs of a complex prevention landscape, broad and wide-reaching in order to be responsive to partner organization work, and future-facing because we know that prevention work has a generational timeline.



  1. Help each other to understand and address the underlying conditions that influence and drive alcohol misuse.
  2. Use inclusive and open practices so everyone can participate and connect in meaningful ways, feel a sense of belonging, share stories, validate experiences and insights, and learn from each other.
  3. Collect and organize useful, timely, accurate, and meaningful knowledge and evidence on prevention and recovery.
  4. Work to reduce stigma to allow our communities to talk openly and compassionately about risks, harms, and behaviors that contribute to excessive alcohol use. Move from conversation to action.
  5. Help each other return to a culture of health through practices that restore wellness for all communities, based on respect for cultural differences, even when it is uncomfortable.
  6. Provide opportunities for powerful storytelling to influence policies that support community wellness, upstream prevention, and funding that is responsive to community needs.


The Alliance shares quarterly measures on the activities and accomplishments of members and workgroups. These measures were designed by Stellar Group and the Evaluation and Learning workgroup with the support of all workgroups.


Alliance Meetings

The Alliance places a lot of importance on building relationships and cultivating trust to help grow the collaborative muscle of the network. Our meetings are meant to connect members to one another and make the way we work be an example of what’s possible. The Alliance currently meets as a network on the third Thursday of every other month, 1-3pm. These meetings ask the general question, “What are the conversations we need to have to move us closer to our Alliance objectives?” We conduct these meetings in an agenda-free, open-space format. Those who are present guide us towards the conversations we need to have. 

Alliance workgroups are open to new members. Alliance meetings and trainings are shared in The Alliance newsletter and on Recover Alaska’s Community Events Calendar. You are welcome to learn more about The Alliance through our new member orientation packet. This resource, as well as how to become a member is on our Get Involved page.