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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Alliance: United to prevent alcohol misuse and promote community wellness. We are a formal group of individuals and organizations with a personal or professional connection to reducing alcohol misuse and building community wellness in Alaska. Please take some time to move through materials and familiarize yourself with who we are. We value the lived experience each person engaged in the work brings and know there is a place for you, your voice and your values in the Alliance. 

To begin, view our journey map, which tells the story of how we got to where we are today. You can also visit the Who We Are page to learn more about the various groups that have committed to working within the Alliance toward our goal of a healthy and healing Alaska. Early on, it was clear that in order to develop a statewide network, we needed to build in regional infrastructure. Regional co-chairs of the Alliance offer valuable place-based insights and hold important relationships in their respective regions. john a. powell stated that “Change moves at the speed of trust.” With that being true, we have placed a lot of importance on building relationships and encouraging that trust to help grow the collaborative muscle of the group. 

The strategic direction of the Alliance is housed on the How We Do It page, which highlights our shared strategies and six modes of action. If all of this work was left to one organization alone, it would be improbable to achieve. The strength of the Alliance comes in our shared commitment to our collective vision. Being connected and in conversation with those delivering a shared message of health and healing and focusing as much on how we do the work as the work we do are critical aspects that guide the practices of the Alliance. 

To increase collaboration, we encourage you to visit and add your organization to the stakeholder map, which is a visual representation of the prevention landscape in Alaska. To increase knowledge and understanding, we encourage you to visit our resources page. To track on population-level shared indicators of the Alliance, visit our data dashboard. And to add your name to the growing list of engaged partners, please contact us

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Alliance partners

Partner Orientation Packet

Add your organization to the stakeholder map

The Alliance invites your organization to participate in mapping the prevention landscape in Alaska. Your work is important to the goals of the Alliance. Please join us! We are working to make an ongoing navigation resource for the landscape of prevention work in Alaska, and we want your organization to be visible. The stakeholder map will be viewable and navigable to Alliance members and the public, and you will have a link to edit your profile in the future.

Your organization’s participation in this stakeholder mapping is completely optional. We are encouraging all prevention and wellness coalitions, agencies, organizations, and projects to complete the form, as you will then be visible to other organizations doing similar work statewide. We seek to increase communications and connections among agencies and within the sector.

To engage with Alaska prevention landscape mapping: 

  • Enter your organization’s profile information here (takes around 30 min and includes information such as your website, mission, and link to your logo) 
  • Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form to add your organization’s information to this network resource for the Alliance.

Build connection with other practitioners via our Partner Portal

Interested in learning more or participating in ongoing conversations within the Alliance? Visit the partner portal. Building relationships and strengthening connections will get us to our goal of a healthy and healing Alaska, making the way we work together an example of what is possible. 

This portal is intended to connect people to 

  • one another, as we all hold wisdom and experience that can guide the work; 
  • Alliance documentation - archives of where we’ve been, information you may want to share with your circles of influence, and current agendas and notes; and
  • community forums that will offer a space to engage with new thinking and hold digital dialogues.

Stay in the know about when meetings are happening

The Alliance currently meets monthly, with bi-annual gatherings. Workgroups of the Alliance also meet once a month. Other events of interest to Alliance-engaged people and organizations are housed on Recover Alaska’s calendar, available at You are welcome to add your event to our community calendar on that same page

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