Who We Are

The Alliance is a collaborative effort of multiple and diverse partners across Alaska who recognize the impacts of alcohol misuse on individuals and communities. We are personally and professionally committed to working together to address this complex problem in our state.

Our primary goal is to connect and engage communities as partners — increasing protective factors, reducing risk factors, and changing social norms — to prevent underage alcohol use and eliminate adult misuse in Alaska.

Our Journey Here


Our Team

Regional Co-Chairs

In Alliance pre-proposal work, it became apparent that in order to do this work effectively we cannot simply rely on meeting at a statewide level. Regional breakouts of The Alliance help determine what is working and what challenges and expectations exist at the regional level. There is also the reality that Recover Alaska does not hold all the important relationships, nor should we.

The purpose of identifying and collaborating with a regional co-chair is to empower leaders around the state to interact with their regional partners in real-time, acting as liaisons between their region and the overall Alliance. The regions, as defined for the purposes of The Alliance, are Northern, Southwest, Anchorage/Mat-Su, Gulf Coast, Interior, and Southeast. This regional breakout is likely to expand as The Alliance grows.

Johon Atkinson

Recover Alaska Staff - Our Coordinator


Program Manager, Recover Alaska
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Marlene is Inupiaq, born in Kotzebue and raised in Fairbanks and Kenai, Alaska. Her family relations span across the North with many residing out of state. Marlene has one adult child who she raised as a single Mom, and she now resides in Anchorage. When asked about why she loves prevention, Marlene says it started when she gave birth to her child because she wanted a different world for her that included education around healthy choices, breaking the cycle, and advocating for herself.

Marlene loves hiking year-round, berry picking, yoga, traveling to new places, and spending time laughing with family and friends.

Marlene's work experience has been in the nonprofit world, and she thrives when she is part of a team that strives to provide education and healthier choices to our youth—who Marlene believes are our future leaders. I’m excited to join Recover Alaska’s team and look forward to connecting with the Alliance and others interested in the reduction of substance misuse in our great state of Alaska.