Youth PERSPECTIVEs Campaign

SOUTHWEST ALASKA YOUTH - Share your voice and receive $250!

We are engaging in a strengths-based campaign to support healthy youth and communities across Alaska. This work is supported by The Alliance and Recover Alaska, who share a mission of preventing underage alcohol use. In early November, we’ll begin the process of gathering youth perspectives. We are seeking volunteers who are from or living in Southwest Alaska, ages 14-20 years old, to participate in a series of activities. We hope that YOU decide what this campaign is about!

If you or a youth in your care decide to participate, we’ll ask for up to 2.5 hours of time over the course of 5-7 days, and we will compensate you or your youth $250 for your time. To be paid, you would need to complete all activities during this time period. If you are chosen to participate, you will need to use a free online/mobile app, where you’ll have a chance to share in real-time what life is like for you. You’ll have access to a diary, where you can write, record audio or video, or share anything that represents what’s going on in your life and impacting you.


If you are interested in participating, we ask that you first complete an eligibility screener survey to see if this opportunity is a good fit. We want to be sure to include a mix of youth experiences, and the eligibility screener allows us to do that. Please note that if you are a parent or guardian of a youth between the ages of 14 and 17, you and your youth will need to take the screening survey together.

If you or a youth in your care is interested in participating, please complete the eligibility screener survey below, and we will be in touch within one week. If you experience technical difficulties while taking this eligibility screener survey, please call 907-338-3852. If you have questions about this campaign, please call 907-249-6645.